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All workshops are tailored to meet your specific requirements. They are designed to provoke thought and stimulate meaningful dialogue, and are delivered in an interactive format within forty-five minutes.

Suggested Topics:

Coaching to the Bottom Line - "Between 25 percent and 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies use executive coaches" according to a recent survey by The Hay Group, an international human resources consultancy. Learn about key coaching concepts and how executives and managers use them to achieve greater personal and organizational success.

Spirals for Success - Discover a new paradigm that addresses complexities brought about by changing global market conditions. Find out how a spiral approach leads to more effective leadership and enhanced interpersonal relationships and learn how different value systems impact you and the world around you.

Organizational Agility - Strategically aligned organizations are better able to adapt to changing market conditions. Discover how you and your organization can benefit through the power of strategic alignment. Learn about the nine Key steps to creating self-aligning organizations.

Increasing Emotional Competence - Emotional competence is based on emotional intelligence which can be learned. Research shows that for jobs of all kinds, emotional intelligence (EQ) is twice as important as IQ. Discover how possessing the right values, behaviors and emotions results in more effective leadership, increased performance and greater harmony in the workplace.

Leveraging Leadership Styles - Effective leaders practice and switch seamlessly between one or more of these six distinct approaches to leadership on any given day. Learn more about what they are and how they impact different business situations.

Developing Personal Resilience - Learn how to revitalize yourself and increase your effectiveness in challenging and stressful circumstances. This workshop provides a constructive approach to eliminating unproductive thoughts and expanding skills and abilities to deal with uncomfortable situations leading to greater productivity and happiness.

Why not consider a "Lunch and Learn" series for your organization?

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