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E-Learning Solutions




E-Learning Solutions
for Leadership, Management and Individual Contributors

It is common knowledge that most leadership training never impacts the job, wasting time and expense. Developing people skills efficiently and effectively requires practical, high-impact learning that ties directly to strategic objectives. A Diaplan® solution produces real results and impacts organizational performance as Return on Investment (ROI).

"Timely instruction at the Point of Execution"

Diaplan is a comprehensive e-coaching curriculum that includes the assessment, development and measurement of leadership competencies. With thirty five courses arranged into ten categories of competencies, Diaplan links leadership skills to daily activities – one small dose at a time - whenever needed and with only what's needed. A small dose approach followed by immediate practice on the job solves the challenging problem of learning transfer.

The Diaplan online coaching curriculum targets the behaviors of almost every manager, aspiring leader or professional. With 500+ electronic coaching units, Diaplan covers virtually every professional competency. Each of the learning units (doses) presents techniques, processes and behaviors based on 150 best practices.

"10-minute daily e-coaching units"

Diaplan gets leadership development off to a quick start with real-time, practical learning exercises that keep participants on track. With the use of a quick assessment it's possible to determine which competencies to target right away so that courses can be assigned on an "if and as required" basis. These competencies are represented in the following categories:

  • Time and Stress Management
  • Goals and Planning
  • Organizing People and Things
  • Problem Solving / Decision Making
  • Measurements and Standards
  • Discussion Framework and Skills
  • Leadership and Motivation
  • Communications
  • Hiring
  • Negotiating

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Frequently Asked Questions: e-Learning

1. How do we know who should receive what training?
The Competency Assessor determines coaching needs and assigns individual coaching units. Depending on the circumstances, any or all assignments can be over-ridden.

2. How does the development process work?
The Diaplan® approach is based on the following five step process:

I: Assess competency levels

- Measure leadership-nurturing behaviors.
- Results establish learning tracks

II: Pre-learning test by module

- Measure current knowledge and behavior specific areas
- Specific areas are tagged for competencies

III: Modular Learning Track

- Directs new learning with study-application plan

IV: Post-learning test by module

- Measures knowledge and behavior after learning-application
- Reports on application and added value to job/organization

V: Task Guide

- E-Learning modules are referenced over and over as a task guide
- Each reference reinforces new behaviors

3. How was Diaplan developed?
Diaplan Designs Inc. has been researching ways to validate the effectiveness of soft skills training for almost two decades. The curriculum was jointly designed by Diaplan Designs Inc. and Capgemini, an international consulting firm.

4. How does training ROI get measured with Diaplan?
Learners can calculate the return on investment from their training. Each application impacts one of the factors of quantity, quality, time or cost in work performance. Learners can report on application through post tests.

5. Can our organization acquire Diaplan?
Absolutely! There are several options:

1) Intranet

  • One-time purchase
  • Lease with purchase option
  • Flat annual lease

2) Internet

  • One-time purchase
  • Per person, per module
  • Ask about block pricing


4) Onsite Support Options

  • Instructor led workshops
  • Mentor coaches
  • Train the trainer

6. How much does is cost?
Pricing will vary depending on specific requirements including number of participants, number of modules and methods of delivery. Please feel free to contact us directly to discuss your particular interest or requirements.

7. Is your solution affordable for small business?
With the innovative design of Diaplan, small business now has the same opportunity to develop the requisite leadership skills and abilities utilized by larger organizations in the same way. Individual modules can be purchased for as little as $70.

8. Where can I get more information?
Simply call 905-337-9510 or drop us an e-mail

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