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1.    What is Business Coaching?
2.    What is the difference between coaching and consulting?
3.    How would my organization benefit from coaching?
4.    How does coaching enhance leadership in business?
5.    What situations are most conducive to coaching?
6.    What is the length of commitment?
7.    What is involved in the coaching process?
8.    What does is cost?
9.    Are there any guarantees?
10.    How do I get started?

1. What is Business Coaching?

Business Coaching is a focused process that utilizes strategic conversations to enhance individual effectiveness and increase organizational performance. The person being coached is expected to accept and maintain personal responsibility, accountability and authority over their own behaviour.

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2. What is the difference between coaching and consulting?

There are many similarities amongst coaches, consultants, leaders, managers, and teachers as they may all practice coaching.  A significant differentiation between coaches and other people coaching is agenda; a coach does not have one.  It is important that the person being coached sets the agenda as a coach does not have the responsibility, authority, or accountability to see that the person being coached performs or achieves a specified outcome.  A coach supports this agenda by utilizing delivery methods such as feedback, questions, statements, challenges and ideas.   

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3. How would my organization benefit from coaching?

Coaching gets results through the use of coaching interactions designed to:

1. Connect the client to what is important - eliminating wasted action and low productivity.

2. Clarify what is required - increasing speed and lower cycle time in process iteration.

3. Gain a Commitment to Right Action - getting the right people to do the right things in the right way at the right time for the right reasons.

Clearly, business coaching is a real-time investment in people, processes, strategy and customers with the shortest distance between identifying performance and development issues that can be utilized to increase what is already working (strengths) and remove the barriers to accomplishment.

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4. How does coaching enhance leadership in business?

Business coaching facilitates inspiring others to action toward a common goal, in an environment that promotes greater awareness, purpose, capability and well-being.  It fosters authority within the individual to become self-correcting and self-led, while contributing to greater harmony in the workplace.

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5. What situations are most conducive to coaching?

 Basically, coaching has a positive impact where individuals who want to achieve greater success are ready, willing and able to move to higher levels of commitment.  Examples include:

  • Enhancing leadership skills
  • Taking your business to the next level
  • Building and managing effective teams
  • Meeting sales targets
  • Gaining deeper insights into client values
  • Enhancing client interactions
  • Managing time and email effectively
  • Leveraging existing talent
  • Improving performance capability
  • Fine-tuning priorities and incentives
  • Dealing effectively with peers and subordinates
  • Choosing a new career
  • Handling challenging situations
  • Embracing change
  • Launching your next venture
  • Building resilience
  • Expanding opportunities
  • Succession planning
  • Expanding Opportunities
  • Launching your next venture
  • Whether you're a professional seeking to expand your opportunities, an entrepreneur ready to launch the next venture, or an emerging executive with more people and responsibilities to manage,1-to-1 Coaching is a highly personalized service focused entirely on you.


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6. What is the length of commitment?

Depending on the prerequisite, a contract typically lasts anywhere from three to eighteen months.  For specific short-term  projects, a three to six month contract may suffice whereas projects addressing  organizational effectiveness may range up to eighteen months. 

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7. What is involved in the coaching process?

The coaching process begins with an initial meeting to identify your organization's requirements and determine the desired business results.  Next, a meeting is held with each individual being coached as well as with other stakeholders to gather input, refine requirements, clarify roles, prevent misunderstandings and establish goals.  This helps to ensure the best outcomes for your organization   

Once a Statement of Work (SOW) identifying key objectives, specific goals and rules of engagement has been completed and agreed upon, and prior to the first coaching interaction, individuals being coached are asked to complete a coaching intake form and complete any agreed-upon assessments.  To accommodate restrictive schedules, most of the assessments offered can be taken on-line at any time.

The first meeting with the individual(s) being coached is considered orientation and is typically held on-site and takes about sixty minutes.  Subsequent weekly meetings are held either by phone or in person, at a mutually agreed upon scheduled time.  These confidential meetings are focused on achieving specified goals and can range anywhere from 20 minutes per week by phone to a few hours per week on site. Complementary activities such as MSN Chat, and e-mail may also be used to provide greater flexibility and enhance the overall process.

Scheduled progress reports, with periodic on-site meetings with key stakeholders where appropriate, keep you informed with respect to your return on investment. 

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8. What does is cost?

As each coaching engagement is tailored to a client's specific requirement and timeline, pricing varies. Weekly sessions are conducted in a variety of ways including on-site, telephone, email and Instant Messenger. Sessions run anywhere from ten minutes to one hour and prices range from $200 to $1,600 per month per individual.

If you are interested in a specific assessment, please contact us for details (some assessments are available at no charge).

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9. Are there any guarantees?

Yes. Based on the statement of work, if you are not completely satisfied during the first 30 days of coaching interactions, JJM and Associates will provide a full refund.

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10. How do I get started?

Simply call 905-337-9510 or e-mail us to arrange for a free consultation.    

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