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"Results achieved through coaching: Much clearer view of the challenges I was facing, including better articulation of the issues, a much improved set of priorities to address the issues, and on-going follow-up with these issues as they evolved. Jackie is very good at getting to the heart of business issues, clarifying and connecting them to the wider organizational context and getting commitment to action. I recommend her highly."

Rick Martin, Vice President
TEC International

"Jackie has the ability to be extremely helpful in the most difficult and sensitive situations without being the problem solver. She has the knack for allowing you to solve your own problems, set your own directions, with your own priorities, at your own pace …. magically."

Murray Brox
Murray Brox & Associates

"Jackie Martin has done an excellent job of coaching me. She has the ability to stand back and observe me as I do the work I need to do, and then give me the benefit of her observations. Key questions and feedback from Jackie have nudged me to consider and utilize additional perspectives and problem-solving approaches. With Jackie's contributions, I have been able to move strongly in the direction of my goals as I have learned how to coach myself."

Lee Wallace
Business Coach

"To say that Jackie Martin is a skilful coach is an understatement! The experience of each session was that of receiving a gift. I developed in unexpected ways and achieved unanticipated results!"

Anthony Moon, Ph.D.
Organizational Consultant

"Jackie Martin is a business coach who goes to the heart of the matter. She challenged my thinking and my assumptions, helping me to come up with the right actions for me. By asking powerful questions, she helped me clarify what's important to me and see other perspectives, leading me to having greater focus on my goals and becoming much more strategic".

Elizabeth Skronski, President,
RISE International

"Working with Jackie has been extremely effective. I have increased self-confidence in sales and marketing which has resulted in a focused sales approach with deliberate, insightful strategies for presenting my services."

Susan Andrews, President
Andrews & Associates,

"I almost made a tragic business error, which was a result of my desperation to generate revenue. All appointments with Jackie have been profound; her questions are thought provoking and challenging, and ultimately led me to the clarity I desperately needed. Jackie is not only insightful, but highly intuitive and organized in her thinking, which helped me tie together my scattered thoughts and ideas. Now that I have clear goals and parameters to work with, I feel empowered to move forward in the direction that I find most fulfilling.

I highly recommend Jackie as a coach, for anyone who is not 100% clear about their own success and sense of fulfillment, personally and professionally."

Hilary Gatehouse, Change Facilitator

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